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The Choker is a Rift Guardian, only encountered in Nephalem Rifts as a random boss. It is a greatly empowered Barbed Lurker.

In combat, it retains the usual attack (slimy worms) with increased damage, as well as the following abilities:

  • Plagued Circles, summons 5-10 at once in rapid succession, each leaving a 5-yard radius pool of acid on the ground for 5 seconds, dealing Poison damage over time. Often used immediately after Poison Blast.
  • Poison Blast: creates a 20 yards radius green circle around the boss, which detonates for high Poison damage in 1 second. This circle is static, and does not move if the boss moves.
  • Bile Spawns: summons 1-3 slime beasts, identical to the ones summoned by Ghom. These slime beasts shoot acid bolts at enemies, dealing average Poison damage. Has a small cooldown.

Due to 100% attacks of this Rift Guardian dealing Poison damage, the fight can be made nothing more than a target dummy with Mara's Kaleidoscope amulet.


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  • The Choker's Plagued animation uses the same graphics as Fetish Army summoning circle.
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