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The Butcher's Cleaver is a Unique Cleaver dropped by The Butcher upon his defeat in Diablo I.

This axe-like weapon whose damage resembles that of the Battle Axe though its Unusual Item Damage modifier cuts the damage down from 10-25 can be obtained only in Single Player. It can do huge damage, especially for an item found on the second level of the Dungeon, and many times has a Warrior enjoyed axing his way through the next few levels, until the lack of a Shield becomes too painful and one-handed weapon damage begins to catch up with this Axe. The base item for this Unique is one-of-a-kind, meaning that this is the only cleaver in the first game.

The Diablo II variation of this cleaver is called Butcher's Pupil, an exceptional Unique Cleaver.


The Butcher's Cleaver

The Butcher's Cleaver

  • Damage: 4-24
  • +10 to Strength
  • Altered Durability
  • Unusual Item Damage
  • Requirements: None
  • Durability: 10
  • Quality level: N/A
  • Availability: Single Player only

Diablo III


In Diablo III, one may obtain a Transmogrification weapon similar to Cleaver from Anniversary Dungeon. It's a nod to the quest The Butcher from Diablo I.

It drops from The Butcher as a Magic item, and when picked up, adds its appearance to the collection.

Encrusted in dried blood and gore, this cleaver still mysteriously smells of fresh meat.