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The Binder with web spray on the ground visible

The Binder 
is a Rift Guardian, only encountered in Nephalem Rifts as a random boss. She is a greatly empowered variant of Cydaea.

Like Cydaea, The Binder is very fast, and runs from melee combat. She has very simple combat tactics (compared to most other bosses), and retains most of Cydaea's abilities (with increased damage):

  • Venomballs: shoots three Poison bolts in rapid succession. Damage of the bolts is high, but they fly rather slowly for up to 100 yards.
  • Poison Spit: a ten-missile ranged attack dealing average Poison damage, sprays in a 30 yard long, 160 degree cone in front of The Binder. Only used when below 50% Life.
  • Impaling Limb: a melee attack, dealing average Physical damage. Only used if all other attacks are on cooldown and there is an enemy in melee range.
  • Spiderlings: every 15 seconds, The Binder summons summons 5-10 Spiderlings that deal average Poison damage. They are significantly larger and tougher than Cydaea's spiderlings.
  • Net Toss: The Binder covers a 10-yard range area with a web that slows players' movement by 60%. This web holds for 15 seconds.
  • Power from Pain: as her health drops, The Binder recharges all of her cooldowns at increased rate.

Killing The Binder is easy enough, but one can use Mara's Kaleidoscope to make it even easier.

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