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The Archives of Zoltun Kulle is a massive underground complex, hidden beneath the Desolate Sands.


Archives of Zultun Kulle

The archives

All of the Archives have been built by Zoltun Kulle, one of the original members of the Horadrim who helped capture the Prime Evils the first time. As his disagreements with the rest of the Horadrim grew, he decided to conduct his own experiments, particularly concerning the creation of his own Black Soulstone. To do so, he created the Archives, using nothing but his sheer force of will: a place where he could perform his research and experiments undisturbed. Inside, he amassed ancient scrolls and tomes, and thousands of Demon and Undead guardians were either summoned, conjured or enslaved. Within the Archives, there are many bookshelves, traps, arcane devices and portals.

After Zoltun Kulle was defeated (moments before he could complete his life's work), the Archives proved to be as difficult to destroy as his physical body. The Horadrim, afraid of what might happen should the Archives be laid to ruin, sealed the entrance, making sure the gate is never to be opened again. Zoltun's body was hidden in the Shadow Realm, the portal sealed with two Shadow Locks, and his head carried as far away as possible. For many centuries, the Archives stood undisturbed, until Tyrael decided to ask for Kulle's help once again.[1]


Black Archive Entrance Zoltun

The entrance portal

In Diablo III, it is a location visitable in Act II. The Archives consist of many subzones, of which only The Archives, Unknown Depths, The Terminus, Storm Halls, Shadow Realm (indirectly, but the only functioning portal is in the archives) and Soulstone Chamber are known.

The Archives are a dark place built from enchanted stones, many of which are seen around, ignoring laws of physics. Everywhere around the Archives are ancient books (drop gold if distrurbed, then crumble to dust). Notable objects include the Force Gates, walls of energy that, while being harmless and allowing passage through, block any ranged attacks, both players' and monsters'.

If Eirena is taken to the Archives, she will note that Kulle's warding spells are similar to those of Vizjerei, and conclude that he must have studied their methods. She will also wonder if Kulle's guardians are as angry as he is.




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