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The Ancients' Way
Act Act V
Quests None
Monsters Frozen Scourge,
Death Slasher,
Moon Lord
Uniques on Normal Frozen Scourge,
Monsters - Nightmare,Hell Frozen Terror,
Reanimated Horde
Guest Monsters Hell Lord,
Carver Shaman,
Spike Fiend,
Dark Lancer,
Bone Mage C,
Uniques and Champions Quantity 0-1 (Normal)
4-5 (Nightmare)
7-9 (Hell)
Adjacent Zones Frozen Tundra, Icy Cellar, Arreat Summit
Area Level Normal 29
Area Level Nightmare 62
Area Level Hell 82
Waypoint Yes

The Ancients' Way is an icy cavern connecting the Frozen Tundra with the Arreat Summit. Somewhere within it is the entrance to the Icy Cellar.

There is a waypoint in the Ancients' Way in case one needs to get back to The Ancients.

This area generates 1/3 bigger than the other ice caves.


This area is called "Glacial Caves Level 1" in the files.