The Ancients were the first generation of nephalem. The cultures they fostered developed along very different lines. None of these cultures had writing involved at the time.[1] Akarat believed (or at least claimed) that they embraced the Light completely.[2]

Only a few of the Ancients survived the Purge. Of those who remained, Inarius sought to punish any who used their powers.[3]


Diablo IIEdit

Three Ancients, Talic the Defender, Madawc the Guardian, and Korlic the Protector, are encountered on the Arreat Summit after consulting the Altar of the Heavens. They must be fought and defeated in order to complete the storyline of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Heroes should be warned that the Ancients will reset if they use a portal to return to Harrogath, and therefore, must be fully prepared for a long and dangerous clash.


For Rite of Passage:Edit

"We are the spirits of the Nephalem, the Ancient Ones. We have been chosen to guard sacred Mt. Arreat, wherein the Worldstone rests. Few are worthy to stand in its presence; fewer still can comprehend its true purpose.

Before you enter, you must defeat us."

For Eve of Destruction:Edit

"You are a worthy hero! We augment your skill and grant you entry to the interior of Mt. Arreat, wherein lies the Worldstone. Beware. You will not be alone. Baal, the Lord of Destruction, is already inside.

The Archangel Tyrael has always been our benefactor, but even he cannot help us now. For Baal blocks Tyrael's spiritual presence from entering the Chamber of the Worldstone. Only you, mortal, have the power to defeat Baal now.

Baal threatens the Worldstone--and through it, the mortal realm, itself. You must stop him before he gains full control of the sacred stone. With it under his control, Baal could shatter the boundaries between this world and the Burning Hells, thus allowing the hordes of the Prime Evils to pour forth into the mortal realm like an unstoppable tide!

If you are weak, the world as you know it could be lost forever. You must NOT fail!"

Diablo IIIEdit

If a Barbarian uses the Call of the Ancients skill, the Ancients that were fought in Lord of Destruction will temporarily lend their aid to the cause. This limited duration can be made permanent with the Immortal King's Call set bonuses, although the Ancients can be killed.

Known AncientsEdit


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