Tentacle Beasts are encountered in the swamps, rivers and pools of Act III of Diablo II. They can hide underwater, fully submerged, making them immune to damage and hard to spot. Bubbles on the surface of the water reveal where the Beast is.

These beasts attack with a powerful Poison Spit attack that can knock players back. Their tentacles can also deliver a swiping blow. Killing their heads first will also kill their tentacles and limit the damage done.

Their variants are:

On Hell difficulty, all types are immune to Poison.

For effective counters, it is widely recommended to use ranged weapons against them since the chance of reaching with them melee weapons such as swords and axes are not too big, though they are still able to deal damage. Given their status as Animals, they are fairly easy to kill although it can be frustrating, should the player have no ranged attacks available when attacking them with melee is out of question.


Tentacle Beasts are a species of aquatic reptile that inhabit the waterways of the Kehjistan jungles. Travelers should be extremely wary of these creatures, especially when near pools of water, streams, or rivers. Bubbles rippling across the surface of a body of water are a telltale sign that a Tentacle Beast waits below. Fearsome to look upon, these reptiles are also extremely dangerous. They secrete a poisonous saliva, which they spit from their mouths with incredible force, often knocking targets off their feet. Occasionally, groups of Tentacle Beasts work together, with one using the poisonous missiles to knock prey into the maw of another.

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