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"The future of this land, of all lands, is the Temple of the Triune. Those who do not see the light shall fall forever in darkness..."

High Priest Malic(src)

The Temple of the Triune (also known as the Cult of the Three[1] or Cult of the Triune)[2] was a cult that existed during the time of the Sin War. Whilst outwardly a benevolent religious body, in reality, it was formed by the Prime Evils to convert humanity to their side.

At some point after Malthael's fall, the group re-emerged.



The Grand Temple

The Triune were composed of mostly mainly swarthy natives of Toraja.[3] The Triune's message to the populace was that through selfless worship and devotion, one could improve their lot in life.[1] It likewise preached peaceful resolution to conflicts. Unlike the Cathedral of Light, it championed the individual, rather than the whole.[4] The number three was sacred to the Triune—it is said that the number was represented in the cult's own architecture, mirroring its three deities, and even its Peace Warders always traveled in threes.[1]

The Triune had temples in various major settlements, mainly in the eastern regions of Sanctuary. Each temple was subordinate to the main temple near Kehjan.

The Triune consisted of three smaller cults, each devoted to one of the Triune's three guiding spirits, which were in truth the alter egos of the three Prime Evils. All three cults were lead by a High Priest from the main temple. Other, lesser temples were generally led by a cleric, beneath which were lesser priests that administered each separate branch of the faith.[3] or a band of lesser priests. The governing authority and leader of the Triune was the Grand Priest - the Primus. Peace Warders, cowled guards who wore the symbols of each order on their chests guided newcomers to a cult of their choosing. The demonic morlu served as an elite fighting force, only deployed in special circumstances.

The three guiding spirits were named after the Prime Evils themselves, and were titled with exact opposite of the aspects of the Prime Evils. Unsuspecting initiates were lured into the cults, fooled by the seemingly kind guiding spirits. Gradually their hearts would darken as they were initiated into the true teachings of the Triune, and the true spirits they served. The three guiding spirits were known as Dialon, Bala and Mefis, and each had their associated order. Acolytes of the Triune traveled together, preaching "the Way of the Three."[4] The acolytes could be identified by their style of robes.[5]

Order of Dialon

A member of the Triune

Dialon, Spirit of Determination, was represented by a stubborn ram. Dialon was believed to bring purpose to humanity. Statues of Dialon were usually depicted wearing the Tablets of Order, which taught how to achieve blessedness. In truth, followers of Dialon served the Prime Evil, Diablo, the Lord of Terror.[4]

Order of Bala

Bala, Spirit of Creation, was represented by a leaf. Bala preached the blessings of nature and the architectural triumphs of humanity. Statues of Bala were usually depicted wearing a hammer and a bag, which presumably contained the seeds of Life. In truth, followers of Bala served the Prime Evil, Baal, the Lord of Destruction.[4]

Order of Mefis

Mefis, Spirit of Love, was represented by a red circle, the Kehjani symbol for the heart. In a sense Mefis was the most crucial of all spirits, as the Primus taught that Creation and Determination could not thrive without Love. Statues of Mefis were depicted with empty, cupped hands, as if they were cradling an infant. In truth, followers of Mefis served the Prime Evil, Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred.[4]


Early History

The Triune was formed in the year -1880 as a front for the Prime Evils to enslave humanity. Over the decades, the cult's numbers swelled. Inarius, seeking to counter the Evils' influence over Sanctuary, formed the Cathedral of Light in the year -1820 as a rival religion. Over time, both religions achieved immense influence in Kehjan, and an ideological battle erupted between the two, polarizing Kehjistani society. None knew that this was the beginning of the Sin War.[1]


"The Triune must be brought down, Mendeln. I may be mad to think it, but I plan to do what I can to see their temple crumble. They've done too much to too many of us."


In the last days of the Sin War, mankind's nephalem birthright awoke within a number of mortals, due to the machinations of Lilith. She sought to topple both the Triune and Cathedral, and while she was ousted, she inadvertantly gave birth to the Edyrem. Uldyssian ul-Diomed, their leader, began a crusade against both organizations. The Triune had to content with the loss of Primus Lucion for a time, but Lilith, disguising herself as her brother, took over the Triune.[4]

The Triune rapidly fell into disarray after the mysterious disappearance of the Primus. The Edyrem cut a bloody path against the Triune over Kehjan, removing their power bases from towns such as Toraja[3] and Istani.[5] In the end, the Triune was utterly destroyed, and their Grand Temple fell. While some lesser temples remained, Uldyssian knew that without the Grand Temple's guidance, their influence would quickly fade.[3] The Edyrem spread across the land, purging whatever remaining influence of the Triune they could find. The Cathedral of Light was quick to exploit the power vacuum the Triune's downfall left.[5]


"We were once the Cult of the Triune, servants of the three Prime Evils: Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. Now we are the Coven, a gathering of lost souls seeking our destiny in the fires of the Eternal Conflict."


Despite the tumult of the Sin War, the Triune survived even into the modern day. The cult's remnants eschewed the Triune's formerly benevolent facade and operated in the shadows, preserving their order's secrets, awaiting a sign from the Prime Evils. The Coven formed also as a splinter group of the Triune. It was considered likely by Tyrael that other splinter groups also exist.[1]


After Malthael's defeat, a power vacuum developed in Sanctuary. The Triune was among the groups who attempted to fill that vacuum.[6] The Triune retained its worship of the Prime Evils and sought to return the Three to Sanctuary. One of their number was responsible for summoning Lilith into Sanctuary. Afterwards, Triune agents integrated themselves into Kehjistani society, spreading paranoia throughout the populace.[7]


Triune cultists appeared in concept art for Diablo III and Reaper of Souls. In the final version of the former game, their position was taken by the Coven (formed from the remnants of the Triune). The following Triune enemies were supposed to appear, many of which have Coven counterparts:

Known Members

Triune cultist


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