Requires: 33 Magic
Cost: 15 Mana (-2 per Spell Level, minimum 8)

Operates an object from distance, as if it was manually interacted with.

Damage Type: Magic

Telekinesis is a spell in Diablo I.

General Information[edit | edit source]

When cast, Telekinesis will change the cursor to an iconic symbol, which can then be targeted at any in-game object to be instantly released, or simply discarded. An object affected by this spell will be triggered as if the character left-clicked it while being next to it. This includes chests, doors, levers, shrines, traps etc. Alternatively, one can pick up items with Telekinesis from distance, which in multiplayer can help recover the items lost after death.

It even works over bars and walls, on an object the character can see. Casting it on an object will not alert nearby foes, which is useful in some situations. Players must have enough space in inventory to pick up an item, otherwise it will be transported to them and immediately dropped to the ground.

Spell Level only decreases the Mana cost, and does not improve the spell in any other way.

When used on monsters, Telekinesis will knock them back, dealing no damage. It will count as assist for a kill, though. Using Telekinesis on a monster affected by Stone Curse will immediately remove the Stone Curse effect. Golem is immune to Telekinesis.

Some Super Unique monsters are immune to Telekinesis:

Lore[edit | edit source]

This versatile spell is derived from a training exercise that was used by the Horadrim. Once they reached a certain point in their training, acolytes were bound and locked in a cell, with the key to the door lying on the floor in front of them. The student had to unlock and open the door without being able to physically move. Through intense concentration and fine control, the acolyte could manipulate the key as if it was held by an invisible hand. Those that were able to open the cell door were allowed to proceed to the next level of training. There is some speculation as to the fate of those unfortunates that lacked the magical prowess to escape. Today, this spell serves as a reminder that what was once a simple mental exercise for the Horadrim is now a difficult spell known by few sorcerers. Telekinesis could prove very useful in the labyrinth, as there are many trapped doors and chests that could be safely opened from a distance. By exerting greater force, at a cost in fine control, creatures can also be pushed away from the caster.

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