Tamoe Highlands
Act Act I
Quests None
Monsters Carver(Minion), Carver Shaman(preset), Devilkin(preset), Returned Archer, Returned Mage F, Dark Stalker, Dark Lancer, Thorn Beast
Adjacent Zones Black Marsh, Monastery Gate
Area Level Normal 8
Area Level Nightmare 39
Area Level Hell 69
Waypoint No

The Tamoe Highland is the final countryside area before the Rogue Monastery. The Monastery Gate can be found within this area. There is another grated gateway that can be found in the Highland leading into the Monastery, however the wooden portcullis is lowered. This is probably "the way East", now guarded by Andariel. There's no Waypoint in the Highlands. An optional dungeon, a cave named The Pit can be found in the Highlands.

The mountain range in the area forms a rain shadow between the forested western lands and the eastern continent, thus creating the deserts of Aranoch.

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