Who have write this article? There are many wrong phrases. For example:

"They could wield swords, axes or maces." — all characters in Diablo may use any equipment if they have enough strenght/dexterity/mana. So there are no obstackles to warrior using a bow or even a staff (altrought warrior with a staff will not be very good fighter; for any means, my warriors often use a bow because of many reasons). Also any character may use his own fists or slam enemy with shield (well, this is more for fun because of a very low damage of suchs attacks, but this is possible).

"These weapons were either one-handed or two-handed." — as far as i can remember there are not two-handed maces nor one-handed axes in Diablo.

"This necessitates the use of a shield." — i'm sorry, but i think that it phrase is not wiki-stylish. There are no bright necessarities (sorry if i have misspelled this word - it sounds very exotic for me) in Diablo. You may prefer to use a shield on later levels or you may use good (perhaps unique) two-hander weapon and try to compensate lack of survivality by using better armor and/or energy shield spell or you may even use a bow (yeap, warrior-archer is, after all, not a worst thing and there are no weapon specialities so you may switch to other weapon at any time). All this options are able to survive in realm of Diablo if you play them correctly.

Please excuse me my poor english. This is not because i am one of those who does not care of spelling but because i am not natively english-speaker.

With best regards lord Haart.

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