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Same to you... 0_0--Hawki 13:16, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

Lore EditsEdit

Did an overhaul. Two things to deal with, namely the removal of copy-paste text. While it's worth having the text on the wiki, it's really excessive to the article itself, especially the LeH one, given how it goes into the Mage Clan Wars. The other is what the article actually encompasses.

Much of it seems to have been rooted in pre-novel lore, that a) the Sin War never ended and b) began more recently. Since new lore trumps old lore (general rule, presumably) I think that a) is a no-brainer. Book of Cain makes it clear, if nothing else, that the Sin War had a distinct end. There's no room for interpretation here. The timeframe however, is another matter, and related to a wider timeline debate. Did the war end 3000 years before D1 as the novels suggest, or 1000 years as game text suggests? I'd hold the novels above D2 by virtue of coming later and that Blizzard has creative control over the series rather than Blizzard North now, but even so, the 1000 year figure is related directly to story material and the timeframe of Eireena's stasis matches up with it as well. A timeframe that's given in D3. Though whether the Prophet she served is Inarius is another matter.

In light of all this, I still support the 3000 year figure but it may be better to minimize references in the main bulk of articles. Either way, open to discussion on the matter.--Hawki 13:16, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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