Something I've seen pop up a few times is the notion of El'druin not working because of Malthael being phased, replacing the original statement (and often breaking the ref in the process). Admittedly I haven't played through all of RoS yet though I know Malthael's 'phasing' ability is mentioned somewhere, so on that note:

  • If the phrase "Malthael is impervious to physical harm" (or words to that effect) is the basis, then the justice thing stays. It is pertinent to El'druin specifically, and matches the properties ascribed to it in BoC.
  • If Malthael being impervious to physical harm ties in with El'druin being a dud in the cinematic (this is vague admittedly), it can be tied in with the lore as best possible, provided that there is no explicit contradiction (i.e. "the sword didn't work due to Malthael's actions being deemed just." That, and being death made him impervious, etc.")
  • If it is explicitly stated that El'druin itself doesn't work because of the phase thing within the game, then that takes the primary position in the text (newer lore, more 'finalized', etc.), with the old lore being noted in the trivia section.

Sorry for letting it come to this, but while most edits have gone for version 3, they've removed all mention of the former version in the process, which has led me to question whether it truly is being new lore replacing old, or inverting option 1.--Hawki (talk) 21:33, May 1, 2014 (UTC)

Honestly, I am not sure myself which variant is correct, most likely both (second option). But I am not sure how to better reflect this in the article either.
The dialogue with Tyrael in Act V, before proceeding to assault on the Pandemonium Fortress, and immediately as you enter, details on the phasing thing and El'Druin, if I remember correctly, need to replay that quest.
No vandalism intended :P 21:57, May 1, 2014 (UTC), Pryamus
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