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Tal Rasha's Tomb
Act Act II
Quests The Horadric Staff, The Seven Tombs
Levels 1
Monsters Apparition, Steel Scarab, Preserved Dead, Burning Dead(Minion), Unraveler, Ghoul Lord, Gorebelly
Super Unique Monsters Ancient Kaa The Soulless (Random Tomb)
Adjacent Zones Canyon of the Magi, Tal Rasha's Chamber
Area Level Normal 17
Area Level Nightmare 49
Area Level Hell 80
Waypoint No

Tal Rasha's Tomb

Tal Rasha's Tomb is any one of seven secret tombs accessible from the Canyon of the Magi. Though there is only one True Tomb, the Six False tombs are also named "Tomb of Tal Rasha" in-game.

The True Tomb is marked near its entrance with a symbol noted from the Arcane Sanctuary and has an Orifice to place the Horadric Staff which opens a path to Tal Rasha's Chamber. The other tombs are a good source of loot, so they are also worth exploring.

Placing the Horadric Staff inside the orifice opens the way to the final zone of Act II, namely Tal Rasha's Chamber.


The Seven Tombs are the resting places of seven great Horadric mages. But Tal Rasha's houses more than just a dead mage - for it was here that the Archangel Tyrael and the Hordarim brotherhood bound the Lord of Destruction, Baal within Tal Rasha.

It was after the Mage Clans had set aside their differences that the hunt for the Three began. Mephisto was the first to be caught, and Baal soon found himself beset by the Horadrim as well. Capturing Baal proved to be difficult, however. During his struggle against the Horadrim, Baal managed to shatter his soulstone. The largest shard was not powerful enough to contain the demon. The Horadric mage Tal Rasha selflessly volunteered to serve as the soulstone's extension: he would bond with the demon before being stabbed with the remaining shard of the soulstone, hoping to use his body as an extension of the soulstone Baal had fragmented. The soulstone acted as a lock that prevented Baal from leaving the Binding Stone.

Tal Rasha's body was set upon the Binding Stone inscribed with magical runes that no mortal could decipher. His spirit was left to wrestle with Baal's for all eternity. Eventually, Baal gained the upper hand but could not free himself from the Binding Stone as he was weak and required the soulstone in his chest to be removed.

To safeguard Tal Rasha and prevent anyone from freeing Baal, the Horadrim sealed Tal Rasha within an ancient Tomb. The only key to unlock Tal Rasha's Chamber would require the possession of Horadric Staves, which they guarded fiercely. In order to further confuse any would be adventurer, the Horadrim placed the tomb amongst six False Tombs.

In game

The Tomb appears as the generic desert dungeon in Act II. The Tomb can be seen in the third cinematic in Diablo II. The Chamber of Tal Rasha can be seen in the same cinematic as well. The True Tomb of Tal Rasha is much larger than the six False Tombs. Additionally, the True Tomb contains the Orifice needed to gain entrance into Tal Rasha's Chamber.