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Tal Rasha's Allegiance is an amulet piece of the Tal Rasha's Elements set in Diablo III.

It drops at character level 60 or higher, and only at Torment difficulty.

Tal Rasha's Allegiance is one of the three class set amulets in game (the others being Talisman of Akkhan and Sunwuko's Shines).

Stats (Level 60)[]

Tal Rasha's Allegiance

Tal Rasha's Allegiance
Set Amulet


Set Bonuses:

  • Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will cause a Meteor of the same damage type to fall from the sky. There is an 8 second cooldown for each damage type (2 pieces)
  • Arcane, Cold, Fire and Lightning attacks each increase all resistances by 25% for 8 seconds (4 pieces)
  • Attacks increase total damage done by 2000% for 8 seconds. Arcane, Cold, Fire, and Lightning attacks each add one stack, but do not refresh the duration of each other. At 4 stacks, each different elemental attack will also prolong the duration by 2 seconds, up to 8 seconds (6 pieces)

Tal Rasha valiantly led the Horadrim under the guidance of Tyrael, the archangel of Justice. Their oath is carved onto the surface of this amulet.