The Sydyru Crust is a Legendary crafted bow in Diablo III. It requires character level 70 to be used.

The level 60 version of this bow is the Venomhusk.

Stats (Level 70)Edit


Sydyru Crust
Legendary Bow


  • 2288.8–2731.6 Damage Per Second
    • (1124–1342)–(1990–2305) Damage
    • 1.47–1.50 Attacks per Second
  • +(981–1199)–(1175–1490) Poison Damage
  • Increases Attack Speed by 5–7%
  • Increases damage against elites by 9–10%
  • +3 Random Magic Properties

Carved from the bones of the dreaded giant sydyru demon.


Sydyru Crust can be crafted using Plan: Sydyru Crust, 64,000 Gold, 20 Reusable Parts, 20 Arcane Dust, 30 Veiled Crystals, 6000 gold, Caldeum Nightshade and Westmarch Holy Water.

Prior to patch 2.0.6., it also required one Sydyru Bone (dropped from unique Carrion Bats).


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Despite the proper spelling of this item's name being Sydyru Crust, the crafting panel in game spells it as Sydryu Crust. This has since been fixed in Reaper of Souls.

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