Swampy Pit
Act Act III
Quests None
Levels 3
Monsters Fetish, Fetish Shaman, Stygian Watcher, Undead Soul Killer, Undead Stygian Doll, Preserved Corpse, Fiend
Adjacent Zones Flayer Jungle
Area Level Normal 21
Area Level Nightmare 51
Area Level Hell 80, 81, 82
Waypoint No

The Swampy Pit is an entirely optional dungeon, found within the Flayer Jungle in Act III of Diablo II.

The Swampy Pit is a dungeon style area with three levels, the last of which is in a labyrinthine floor plan. It is not unlike the Flayer Dungeon, although it is slightly smaller and less confusing to navigate. Like the Flayer Dungeon, the Swampy Pit is heavily booby-trapped - tread carefully. The main nuisance of this zone is the presence of Undead Soul Killers and Undead Stygian Dolls. These tiny skeletons move with blinding speed and explode upon death, making them lethal opponents despite their laughable size. In order to minimize trap damage it's best to keep moving, or choose your resting spots carefully.

The third and final level contains a golden chest with various items and a pile of gold.

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