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Superstition Superstition
Reduces damage taken from all sources except Physical by 20%. Taking unsaved damage (even if it is absorbed) from ranged or elemental attacks (including melee hits that are non-Physical) has a chance to grant 2 Fury.

"The sorcery of the west has brought us nothing but blight. Strength built these walls, and strength will hold them." — Gruchac Hammerhand

Superstition is a Barbarian passive skill in Diablo III, unlocked at level 30.


Damage reduction is multiplicative with other similar modifiers. 

Chance to gain Fury depends on the type of attack in question: solid single-target hits have up to 100%, whereas damage over time and area of effect damage have significantly lower chances, to keep the Fury income at the rate of roughly 2 per second per source of damage.


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  • The object depicted on an icon is a stereotypical rabbit foot, which is a superstitious charm for good luck.