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Sunwuko, the Monkey King was a Xian warrior.

He was trained by the Monks of Ivgorod, and was an unmatched staff fighter. When he returned to Xiansai, his fighting style earned him the title "Monkey King". What started as a humiliating joke soon became a name to be feared.[1]. His incredible agility gave him great prowess in battle and dancing.[2] Sunwuko was said to be the greatest warrior from Xiansai to Ivgorod.[3] His power over his own body was so high that he could create as many copies of himself as he wanted from a single hair.[4]

Many legends were told about Sunwuko. One of the claimed that he scaled the tallest mountain in Guozhi, planed a flag and declared himself The Great Sage Equal to Heaven.[5] Other claim that he awakened to emptiness: in truth, he never relinquished his violent ways, as he reveled in them[6].


His armor can be found in Diablo III in the form of Monkey King's Garb set.


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  • The name, title and biography of Sunwuko are a possible reference to Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. However, unlike the book character, who was literally the king of monkeys (and also was a monkey himself), Sunwuko's title means that he is fighting like a monkey (not that he is the king of monkeys, or a monkey that also happens to be a king).
  • In Heroes of the Storm, Samuro has an optional Monkey King skin, which artistically recreates the Monkey King's image.