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For the sorcerer, see The Summoner.
"When I first came face to face with a summoner of the dead, it was surrounded by reapers and brought forth more by the moment. I cut a path through them, but for each that I struck down, another appeared in its place. Their numbers seemed limitless; however, when I killed the summoner, the remaining reapers fell to ash."
Summoner of the Dead

A Summoner of the Dead

Summoners are a type of Reaper and an enemy unit in Reaper of Souls.[1] Summoners stand in the crossroads of the streets of Westmarch, defiling the ground below them.[2]


Summoners are found in the streets of Westmarch in Act V of Diablo III. They raise ghostly Shadows of Death up out of dust. Each Summoner can call an unlimited amount of Shadows, but no more than five at a time. Summoners do not attack normally and do not move unless knocked back. When they are killed, all the Shadows they have summoned disperse as well. While alive, the circle of summoning also Slows enemies by 60% (it is possible to knock them back several times, kicking them out of their own slowing circle).




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