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"Though the Subjugators have always been powerful demon sorcerers, they constantly sought to increase their standing in the bloodthirsty realms of Hell. To this end, they imprisoned a score of massive armaddon, torturing and flaying them until the hellbeasts would bear subjugators as riders. Together, the mount and its master are nearly invincible."
Goons-diablo-3-monsters subjugator

Subjugators: armored and light variant

Subjugators (a.k.a. Assaulters) are a type of demonic enemy encountered in Diablo III.



Mounted Armaddon

Subjugators appear in Act IV. They are easily identified by their brightly-colored spiked bodily armor with horned helmets. They appear as small and incredibly agile demons with remarkably long arms. Their bright missile attack is also distinctive and easily seen. 

Subjugators may appear as very dangerous opponents, but actually they are harmless if the player is careful. These demons are very quickly moving, keeping their distance from players. Their melee attack is slow and therefore not too dangerous, but instead Subjugators prefer hurling very slowly falling firebombs at the player. Like Lacuni grenades, these dark missiles deal very high damage, but are in flight for quite some time, so unless a player is immobilized, it is very easy to dodge these. However, being hit by more than two in a row can easily kill an average hero. Note that Subjugators may throw their bombs over walls.

While Subjugators are very weak in close combat, they have a unique ability to mount their Armaddon beasts. Whenever one is available, a Subjugator will hop over the beast's back and remain immune to damage until the beast is killed (adding their own attack to the mount's, potentially being able to stun a hero and then launch a ranged attack for greater effect). When the beast dies, the Subjugator dismounts it unharmed and can fight on as normal.

Several Subjugators can be found in Pandemonium in Act V.



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