The Strongarm Bracers are Legendary bracers in Diablo III. They require character level 60 to drop.

They are often taken with knockback abilities and items for greater effect. Their unique property works even if knockback has been inflicted by a follower or another player. Damage amplification is multiplicative to other similar effects. However, a complete immunity (not resistance) to Knockback also negates the damage bonus.

Prior to the pre-expansion patch, the Strongarm Bracers were the best tanking bracers, as they had a guaranteed +8-9% Life roll.

As of patch 2.5.0, the damage buff triggers when the Knockback occurs, not when the enemy lands.

Stats (Level 60)Edit

Strongarm Bracers

Strongarm Bracers
Legendary Bracers

  • 200-220 Armor


A warrior wearing bracers made of Skartaran metal can best monsters twice his size.


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