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The Storm skills were one of three skill trees available to the Wizard class in early versions of Diablo III. The other two were Arcane Skills and Conjuring Skills. With the removal of the skill tree system, some of the skills listed were incorporated separately.

Caution: The following section contains content that has not been confirmed. At this point, it is pure speculation.

The tree appears to have been focused on devastating area effect abilities designed to take out large numbers of enemies, while lacking the same number of buffs and passive skills of the other two.

Tier 1Edit

Tier 2Edit

(requires 5 points spent in Tier 1 skills)

Tier 3Edit

(requires 5 points spent in Tier 2 skills)

Tier 4Edit

(requires 5 points spent in Tier 3 skills)

Tier 5Edit

(requires 5 points spent in Tier 4 skills)

Wizard Skills
Storm SkillsCharged BoltThunderstruckEmpowered MagicLightning SpeedStorm ArmorFrost NovaDeep FreezePower ArmorStatic ChargeElectrocuteRay of FrostLethal EnergyImproved Charged BoltStatic ResidueBlizzardStorm PowerEpic StormsShattering IceTornado

Arcane SkillsMagic MissileArcane PowerEfficient MagicsPenetrating SpellsDisintegrateWave of ForceArcane ArmorArcane WeaknessArcane SpeedArcane OrbSlow TimeArcane DistortionMana RecoveryImproved Magic MissileTemporal ArmorTeleportGreater ManaMana BurstRunic Might

Conjuring SkillsSpectral BladeSpell SpeedWeapon MasteryDamage ResistanceStone SkinMirror ImageConjured ArmorConjured HealthDuplicate ConjuringMeteor StormAcid CloudConjured PowerConjured DurationImproved Spectral BladeHydraMagic WeaponMagical ImpactSlowing StrikesArmor Piercing
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