Stony Field
Act Act I
Quests The Search for Cain
Monsters Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Carver, Moon Clan, Foul Crow, Skeleton, Hungry Dead, Dark Ranger
Adjacent Zones Cold Plains, Underground Passage
Area Level Normal 4
Area Level Nightmare 37
Area Level Hell 68
Waypoint Yes

Stony Field is an area located in Act I, and is reached by following a split in the path through the Cold Plains. The Stony Field is connected to the Dark Wood through the Underground Passage. Several monsters inhabit this area, including, but not limited to, Skeletons, Corrupted Rogues, and Fallen.

The Stony Field is home to the Cairn Stones, which the player is required to activate during the Search for Cain quest. The Cairn Stones are guarded by Rakanishu, one of the Fallen. The Moldy Tome can also be found here, which will activate The Forgotten Tower quest.

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The Cairn Stones

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