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"Though the men fight with vigor once again, the demons continue to swarm the keep. They have overrun the Stonefort, where the catapults are berthed. If I can get them up and working, defending the keep will be a great deal easier. I’ll probably have to kill some demons to give the soldiers time to raise the catapults, but fortunately, there is nothing I would rather do."

- Valla(src)


Stonefort is a zone found just past Skycrown Battlements in Act III of Diablo III.


The Stonefort was taken by the Army of Sin during the Siege of Bastion's Keep. As long as they held the walls, the keep was unable to raise its catapults. The demons were cleared by The Nephalem, allowing the catapults to be raised and fire upon the invading army.[1]


The Stonefort is first introduced in the quest "Turning the Tide".

Unique Monsters[]