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The Stone of Jordan is a unique ring commonly used by casters, due to its very large bonus to Mana and also its boost to skills.

Additionally, it is involved in the process of spawning the boss Über Diablo and acquiring the unique charm Annihilus. The demon spawns after a large number of Stones of Jordan are sold to vendors.

It is also used as a reagent for some Horadric Cube Recipes.


Stone of Jordan

Required Level: 29
+1 to All Skills
+25% Mana
+1-12 Lightning Damage
+20 Mana


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Before patch 1.09 this ring was a popular form of currency: it was rare enough to be of value and small enough to be portable, so several rings could be easily traded for a high end item. It was also easy to duplicate, so at one point the ring not only depreciated in value to near worthlessness, it would also tend to vanish when the servers scanned an existing character for duplicates.
  • Blizzard patched that duplication method and devised the methods mentioned above to clean up the remaining rings. By that time, however, not only had newer duping methods been developed, high runes became the new currency, and until 1.12 also ran the danger of vanishing as soon as joining the next game. The Uber Diablo event was added as means to spend the Stone of Jordan rings for a valuable quest.