Steelclash is a unique Kite Shield from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Despite its name, Steelclash does not have as high of a chance to block as other unique shields do. However, it does have other advantages.

Steelclash is one of the first unique shields to give a boost to all resistances. In Nightmare and Hell difficulties, this inevitably becomes one of the primary uses for shields, as unless a user is a Barbarian, they will have to rely on any armor possible to boost resistances.

However, Steelclash is an early level item, and is not often useful past Normal mode. Still, it is useful for its time.

Steelclash is clearly intended for Paladin use. Although Paladins could get higher chances of block with other shields, Steelclash gives a small boost to all their skills. In early game, when good items are often rare, a Paladin may consider Steelclash to add to their arsenal.



Kite Shield

Defense: 50-58
Required Level: 17
Required Strength: 47
Durability: 45-50
Chance to Block:

Paladin Smite Damage: 2 To 5
+60-100% Enhanced Defense
+20 Defense
25% Increased Chance to Block
20% Faster Block Rate
All Resistances +15
+1 To Paladin Skill Levels
+3 To Light Radius
Damage Reduced By 3

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