Staves are long, blunt type of two-handed weapons featured throughout the Diablo series.

Unadorned staves are often little more than walking sticks, used by travelers to clear brush and keep small predators at bay. Their appearance doesn’t always convey their power, though – a seemingly plain staff can also serve as a channel for mighty arcane or spiritual forces. When forged of iron and tipped with blades, staves become a deadly weapon for a trained warrior. Still, however, most of the time, enchanted staves are used by spell casters.

Diablo IEdit

In Diablo I, magical staves are used by the Sorcerer and non-magical combat staves by the Monk. Staves have low Strength requirements, but often demand high Magic. Many staves are concealing powerful spells with a limited amount of charges, which Sorcerer can recharge in the field with questionable efficiency and will in return diminish the charges' amount.

Diablo IIEdit

Diablo II staff data[1]
QL Name Damage Speed Max sockets Str req Dex req Lv req
1 Short Staff 1–5 −10 2
8 Long Staff 2–8 0 3
12 Gnarled Staff 4–12 10 4
17 Battle Staff 6–13 0 4
24 War Staff 12–28 20 6
30 Jo Staff 6–21 −10 2 25 18
35 Quarterstaff 8–26 0 3 25 23
38 Cedar Staff 11–32 10 4 25 25
42 Gothic Staff 14–34 0 4 25 25
47 Rune Staff 24–58 20 6 25 25
58 Walking Stick LoD 69–85 −10 2 25 43
66 Stalagmite LoD 75–107 10 3 63 35 49
74 Elder Staff LoD 80–93 0 4 44 37 55
83 Shillelagh LoD 65–108 0 4 52 27 62
85 Archon Staff LoD 83–99 10 6 34 66
Diablo II two-hand swing attack speed data[2]
Class Base attack frames Base attacks per second
Amazon 17 1.47
Assassin LoD 18 1.38
Barbarian 18 1.38
Druid LoD 16 1.56
Necromancer 19 1.31
Paladin 17 1.47
Sorceress 15 1.66

Staves are two-handed rods, a type of blunt, melee weapon in Diablo II. All staves have a range adder of 1.

Staves are usually most useful to the Sorceress, as nonmagic, magic and rare staves can have innate bonuses to individual Sorceress Skills. Staff damage scales with the wielder's Strength, with each point of Strength equivalent to 1% enhanced damage.[3] Magic and rare staves can have Sorceress skill prefixes. Like other rods, staves can have increased mana and faster cast rate affixes, but fewer attack rating and weapon damage affixes.[4] Like other blunt weapons, staves are compatible with Barbarian Mace Mastery, and have an inherent +50% damage to undead modifier.

Staves, wands and orbs are all labeled "staff class" in-game, but the three weapon types have distinct properties.

Two quest items, the Staff of Kings and the Horadric Staff, are staves.

Set stavesEdit

The set staves in classic are:

An additional set staff in the Lord of Destruction expansion is:

Unique stavesEdit

The unique staves in classic are:

Additional unique staves in the expansion are:

An additional unique staff in offline and ladder expansion play is:

Staff rune wordsEdit

The maximum number of sockets possible in a staff is 6.

In the expansion, the following Weapon Rune Words function in nonmagic staves (but not necessarily wands or orbs) with exactly the specified number of sockets:

Additional Rune Words for spears in ladder play are:

Diablo IIIEdit

Most staves in Diablo III are used by the Wizard and Witch Doctor classes. However, Monks may wield those as well, as a cheap alternative to Polearms and Daibo (which are, in a manner of speaking, a variant of combat staves). However, in Diablo III, staves no longer have charges for spells. In light of the lack of total stats for two-handed weapons, staves are usually used by Eirena, and not by players. Staves may be transmogrified into Two-Handed Axes and Two-Handed Maces, but not Polearms.

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