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StarCraft is a science-fiction based real-time strategy series first released on March 31, 1998, another product of Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo Easter Eggs



  • In reference to the Secret Cow Level, the phrase "there is no cow level" is used as a cheat code.
  • The protoss Observer, if clicked on enough times, will state "I sense a soul in search of answers." This is a line taken from the Diablo character Adria. The Arbiter will react similarly, albeit "We sense..."
  • Another quote from the Observer is "That sounds like a... a huge, gargantuan, swollen, bloated mushroom!" This is taken from Griswold's comments during the Black Mushroom quest.
  • The setting of the Diablo series is a world named Sanctuary. A region of Shakuras in StarCraft is named likewise.
  • A battle.net multiplayer map for StarCraft is named Diablo and patterned after the Satanic pentagram motif used in Diablo games.

StarCraft II

Diablo in "The Devil's Playground"

  • A Diablo unit exists in the game and can be placed in player made maps with the game's map editor. Diablo also has a cameo in one of the campaign missions, where he appears to control the rising and lowering of a deadly sea of lava.
  • There is also an horizontal billboard advertising some of the latest Cineplex 5000 movies, one of them being Diablo: The Musical, in another one of the campaign missions.
  • There is an achievement titled Stay Awhile and Listen after listening to all main characters throughout the single player. This phrase is a reference from Deckard Cain in Diablo II.
  • Some portraits and decals are Diablo-themed
  • A probe pet and protoss-themed transmog set will be available through the collector's edition of Legacy of the Void.[1]


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