Standalone Stand Alone
Increases Armor by 100%, reduced by 10% for each active minion.

"Solitude is the one constant for those who have chosen our path." — Master Necromancer Jostan

Stand Alone is a Necromancer passive skill, unlocked at level 14.


This skill passively gives a multiplicative (to other modifiers) boost to Armor, but the more minions the Necromancer has, the less this bonus becomes, to a minimum of 0 at 10 pets.

This only includes actual attackable pets summoned by either Necromancer skill: Revive, Command Golem, Command Skeletons, Simulacrum, Skeletal Mage. Other pets and summons do not affect this skill.

Stand Alone is most useful to Necromancers relying on non-pet builds, but can also be of (lesser) use for those with just 1-2 minions, such as Golem, or minions that are not permanently active (Revive, Skeleton Mage), helping to protect the Necromancer while he is not shielded by summoned creatures.

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