The Stamina Bar (highlighted)

Stamina is a character attribute in Diablo II that represents the player character's energy and fatigue for the purpose of movement. The character's ability to run is measured by it. The amount of Stamina a character has depends on their Vitality.

It is represented by a yellow bar on the user interface at the bottom of the screen. When standing idle, Stamina recovers relatively quickly. Walking does not deplete Stamina, but rather refills it at a slow rate. Stamina drains steadily while running. When the bar is nearly depleted, the color changes from yellow to red. When the bar is totally depleted, the player must walk and cannot run. Some monsters, mostly insects (such as Swarms), can drain Stamina on each attack, making escape more complicated.

When Stamina is completely emptied and the player continues to move, the stamina bar does not refill; for it to begin, the player must stop moving. Toggling to "walk" before the bar is empty and moving allows the bar to refill. When in town, the bar is not depleted.

Stamina Potions refill the bar entirely and give unlimited stamina for a short period of time. Stamina shrines give the player unlimited Stamina for a long period of time. During periods of unlimited Stamina, the bar is colored blue. Drinking from a Well also recovers a large amount of Stamina.

The rate of depletion of Stamina depends upon the type of Body Armor the player wears. Heavy Armor, such as Full Plate Mail, causes 10% more Stamina loss than Light Armor, such as Studded Leather; medium armor causes 5% more stamina loss, and light armor does not increase stamina loss at all. Stamina is drained per second, not per distance, therefore having increased movement speed decreases the cost of Stamina per yard covered. Moving with skills (such as Leap or Teleport) does not drain Stamina.

The Paladin can temporarily increase his Stamina, as well as the Stamina of his party members, by the use of the Vigor Aura. Similarly, the Barbarian has the Increased Stamina skill for permanent Stamina increase.

Stamina plays a lesser role in the game as characters level, thanks to the fact that both character level and the Vitality stat increases it, as well as the availability of gear that decrease stamina depletion rate or increase its regeneration speed. At higher levels, stamina almost never runs out.

In Diablo I and Diablo III, Stamina does not exist; a character may move for as long as they wish.

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