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Staff Recharge

Class: Sorcerer

Replenishes charges in a spell staff at cost of decreasing maximum charge capacity.

Damage Type: Magic

Recharge Staves (a.k.a. Staff Recharge) is a Sorcerer class skill in Diablo I. It is gained at the start of the game, and cannot be learned from books.

General Information[]

Staff Recharge works much like Item Repair, except for it restores lost spell charges instead of durability. It only works on staves, and reduces the maximum number of charges the item has, making it perhaps an even worse skill than Item Repair.

As such, it has no real uses beyond the first few levels of play, so visiting Adria is recommended instead for items intended for long-term use.

It is advantageous to use before selling an undesired item, or for getting use in the field out of an item intended to be sold.

A staff with 20 charges would go from 0/20 to 19/19 or 18/18. Since there is no way to increase the maximum charges on a staff, this skill should never be used on a staff of higher value. However, a staff of a damaging spell early in game can be utilized to conserve Mana.

Charge Restoration Algorithm:

  1. If Current Charges is equal to Maximum Charges or Maximum Charges is equal to 0, nothing happens and skill fails
  2. Set X = Random[1 - Character Level/Quality Level] + 1
  3. Decrease Maximum Charges by 1
  4. Add X to Current Charges
  5. If Current Charges < Maximum Charges, GOTO 3
  6. Set Current Charges = Maximum Charges


All Sorcerers possess the ability to recharge spell staves by drawing power from their surroundings and channeling them through the staff.

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