Staalbreak is a town situated in the Dreadlands.


Staalbreak's inhabitants are not of Barbarian origin, and instead follow the teachings of Zakarum (or at least, give praise to Akarat). However, unions between its people and the Northerners were common before the destruction of Mount Arreat. The town is surrounded by a tall wooden wall, and has a town square where executions are carried out.[1] One of the areas of the city is called the Gray Wards, a place where one is liable to have their throat slit if they're not careful.

The town is ruled by a council of nobles, with a head constable.[2]


When Mount Arreat was destroyed due to the destruction of the Worldstone, Staalbreak caught some of the fallout it caused.[3] Twenty years later, its people came to be afflicted by the Rage Plague.[4] The Barbarians that were affected the town, which led to Constable Staalek being infected in the ensuring battle. Consumed with rage and paranoia, he ordered his Barbarian wife executed.[1] His son, Jacob confronted him, and killed him in the ensuring fight. Jacob was forced to flee, wanted for his father's murder.[5] Varik took the position of constable. Under Varik, the town descended into a state of paranoia in regards to the Barbarians. When Jacob returned and was strung up, he saw that many of the townspeople bore the mark of the Rage Plague.[2] With the death of Khelric, the Rage Plague was lifted, and Staalbreak saved.[6]

Known InhabitantsEdit


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