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"Something powerful stirs in the jungles of Nahantu."

- Class blurb(src)


The Spiritborn

The Spiritborn is an upcoming class for Diablo IV. It will become playable in the Vessel of Hatred expansion, which players will have to purchase in order to play as the class.[1]


Ranked amongst the apex predators of the jungle,[2] Spiritborn are members of an ancient Nahantu civilization. They are entwined with ethereal spirits.[3]


The Spiritborn are versatile warriors who call upon the unique strengths of four Spirit Guardians (the Jaguar, Gorilla, Eagle, and Centipede) and can fuse devastating three-hit-combo attacks and acrobatic fluidity into a potent display of their ferocity.[4] Spiritborn use two-handed weapons including the glaive and the quarterstaff, and can shift between physical and elemental attacks. Vigor is its primary resource.[1]

The four Spirit Guardians each offer a different playstyle archetype, and players may choose to focus on one Spirit Guardian or mix and match the skills.

Balazan, the Centipede[]

The Centipede Spirit Guardian's skills are a manifestation of the inescapable cycle of death, and focus on damage over time, crowd control, debuffs, thorns, healing, and Vulnerability. Centipede skills use the element of Poison.

Kwatli, the Eagle[]

The Eagle Spirit Guardian's skills are lethal and precise, and focus on movement, enhancing the Evade skill, critical hits, barrier, and Vulnerability. Eagle skills are mid-ranged and use the element of Lightning. The Eagle ultimate skill, The Seeker, is the first ultimate with multiple charges.

Rezoka, the Jaguar[]

The Jaguar Spirit Guardian's skills are relentless and violent, and focus on aggression, attack speed, killstreaks, critical hits, dodge, and healing. Jaguar skills use the element of Fire and feature a new Class Resource called Ferocity, which provides additional attack speed with each stack.

Wumba, the Gorilla[]

The Gorilla Spirit Guardian's skills are the embodiment of resilience and retaliation, and focus on defenses, blocking, barrier, dodge, thorns, and retribution. Gorilla skills deal Physical damage and feature a new Class Resource called Resolve, which provides 20% damage reduction while you have a stack. Resolve can stack up to 8 times by default, and taking direct damage will consume a stack.

Spirit Hall[]

The Spiritborn's Class Mechanic is the Spirit Hall, which allows the player to choose a Primary and a Secondary Spirit. Primary Spirits provide a unique bonus and tag all of the player's skills as that Spirit Guardian type in addition to their base type. Secondary Spirits provide a mechanic based on that Spirit Guardian, such as Ferocity stacks from Jaguar or Resolve stacks from Gorilla.

Primary Spirit Effects[]

  • Centipede - Hitting an enemy with a Centipede Skill reduces their Damage by 2.5% and Slows them by 10% for 3 seconds, stacking up to a maximum of 8 times. All Skills are now also Centipede Skills.
  • Eagle - Casting an Eagle Skill grants 2 Storm Feathers, up to a maximum of 8. When you Evade, all Storm Feathers are fired dealing 100% Lightning damage and making targets Vulnerable for 3 seconds. All Skills are now also Eagle Skills.
  • Gorilla - Casting a Gorilla Skill deals 100% Thorns to enemies you hit and grants a Barrier for 10% of Maximum Life, up to 40%, for 3 seconds. All Skills are now also Gorilla Skills.
  • Jaguar - Every 4th time you deal direct damage to an enemy with a Jaguar Skill, unleash additional slashes dealing 100% of the damage of the 4 hits. All Skills are now also Jaguar Skills.

Secondary Spirit Effects[]

  • Centipede - Heal for 1% of your Maximum Life for every Nearby enemy you’ve Poisoned in the last 3 seconds, up to 5%.
  • Eagle - For every 4 meters you move, your Critical Strike Chance is increased by +4%. This bonus is reset 2 seconds after you Critically Strike.
  • Gorilla - Maximum Resolve stacks are increased by 2. When you have at least 5 stacks of Resolve, you are Unstoppable.
  • Jaguar - Maximum Ferocity stacks are increased by 1. Gain 1 stack of Ferocity whenever you kill an enemy or damage a Boss.


In October 2023, the alpha build of Vessel of Hatred was datamined and indicated that the class would be called "Spiritborn," which would be nature-themed and use glaives as its primary weapon.[5] The positive reception of the Blood Knight, and later, the Tempest, in Diablo Immortal gave Team 3 the confidence to commit to creating a new class and experience "that's not instantly understood as a classic archetype of the D&D world."[6] Another reason for choosing the Spiritborn was because of the expansion's Nahantu setting, which led to the creation of a class that fit the game's theme. A third consideration was that the launch classes of Diablo IV were all pre-existing classes, hence the need for a unique one.[7]

The reveal of the Spiritborn was met with controversy, as players had been clamoring for a "sword and board"-type class since the release of Diablo IV, represented in classes such as the Paladin and Crusader.[7]

The Spiritborn will have a full reveal on July 18, 2024.[7] Part of the design behind the Spiritborn was the fantasy of "summoning a god" onto the battlefield; this was fulfilled by the Spiritborn's ultimate skills which manifest the Spirit Guardians.


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