Spirit Walk

Class: Witch Doctor
Required Level: 16
Skill Category: Defensive
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Leave your physical body and enter the spirit realm for 2 seconds. While in the spirit realm, your movement is unhindered.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Does not interrupt casting; Can be cast on the move; Can be used under crowd control effects; Breaks crowd control effects; Does not start cooldown until after effects expire

Spirit Walk is a Defensive Witch Doctor skill.


Separates the Witch Doctor's spirit from their body, allowing the spirit to move unhindered, phasing through enemies and obstacles (including Waller affix barriers), with +50% movement speed, clearing and ignoring all status effects. The physical body will remain where it was left, unattackable and untargetable by enemies, taking no damage.

The spirit is also unattackable and invulnerable, immune to Crowd Control, but may still use all attacks and spells. Whenever the effect ends, the spirit and the body merge at the current location of the spirit. Spirit Walk does not interrupt cast of other spells, and can be cast while moving.

The cooldown does not start until the effect wears off, normally allowing the skill to be used every 12 seconds.


  • Jaunt: increases duration to 3 seconds.
  • Honored Guest: regain 20% of maximum Mana when casting Spirit Walk.
  • Umbral Shock: when Spirit Walk ends, the physical body erupts for 750% damage as Fire to all enemies within 10 yards.
  • Severance: increases the movement speed bonus by additional +100%.
  • Healing Journey: regain 15% of maximum Life when casting Spirit Walk.

Non-rune enhancementsEdit

  • Shukrani's Triumph (Legendary Mojo): after the normal duration expires, Spirit Walk lasts either until the Witch Doctor attacks or comes within 30 yards of an enemy.
  • Mundunugu's Regalia Set (Set Bonus for 4 pieces): for 30 seconds after Spirit Walk effect ends, take 60% less damage.



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Prior to patch 2.1.1, the physical body was attackable, and taking more than 50% of maximum Life in damage would cause the effect of Spirit Walk to prematurely end.


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