SpiritVesselIcon Spirit Vessel
Whenever the Witch Doctor suffers fatal damage, they do not die, but automatically enter the spirit realm for 2 seconds and are healed to 50% of maximum Life. While in spirit realm, they are invulnerable, their movement is unhindered, and they can move through enemies and all kinds of obstacles (including Waller affix barriers).

This effect may occur once every 60 seconds, unaffected by the cooldown reduction stat.

Everyone dies. Sometimes we must return to finish what we started.

Spirit Vessel is a Witch Doctor passive skill, unlocked at level 30.


For obvious reasons, this skill is mandatory for Hardcore Witch Doctors.

Entering the spirit realm is very similar to casting unmodified Spirit Walk. Positive ongoing effects do not vanish: the character does not count as having died in the first place.

If the Witch Doctor dies naturally, the 60 seconds recharge is reset.


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Originally, this skill also reduced the cooldowns of Horrify, Spirit Walk, and Soul Harvest by 2 seconds.

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