Spire of Honor is a unique Lance.

It is intended for Paladin use; however, due to the virtue that it is a two-handed weapon, Spire of Honor prevents its user from using a shield, one of the key items for most Paladins. Given its slow attack speed, it's not a good choice for most Paladin attacks, such as Zeal or Vengeance. The Spire of Honor may be best suited to those Paladins utilizing Charge, as Charge does not rely a shield or fast attack speed. Its large enhanced damage bonus makes it a powerful candidate for upgrading via Horadric Cube



Spire of Honor

Two-Hand Damage: (87-101) To (325-382)
Required Level: 39
Required Strength: 110
Required Dexterity: 88
Durability: 25
Spear Class - Very Slow Attack Speed
+150-200% Enhanced Damage
Adds 20-40 Damage
+ (1.5 Per Character Level) 1-148 % Damage To Demons (Based On Character Level)
20% Faster Hit Recovery
Replenish Life +20
+25% Bonus To Attack Rating
+25% Enhanced Defense
+3 To Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
+3 To Light Radius

Diablo II Unique Spears
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