Spike Thorn is a unique Blade Barrier, a type of shield from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

First and foremost an offensive shield, Spike Thorn's bonuses are more indirect compared to other offensively themed shields such as Swordback Hold or Lance Guard.

Spike Thorn's most notable property is its Thorns-like effect that grows with each level. That is to say, the higher level Spike Thorn's user is, the more damage attackers will take when striking the player.

Unfortunately, this has some problems. For one thing, even at the maximum character level, the damage reflected is ultimately low in Nightmare and Hell difficulties compared to the damage of a high-level Thorns Aura, and even Thorns Aura loses effectiveness late in game.

Perhaps this low reflected damage is more useful in player versus player matches, where other players generally have less life than monsters in Hell difficulty. It could also help to distract enemy attackers; since Spike Thorn also gives players a Faster Hit Recovery, it may provide a way to be hit, then strike back with a quicker counterattack while the enemy is reacting to the damage.



Spike Thorn
Blade Barrier

Defense: 325.6-410
Required Level: 70
Required Strength: 118
Durability: 333
Chance to Block:

Paladin Smite Damage: 26 To 40
+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
Damage Reduced By 15-20%
+ (1.375 Per Character Level) Attacker Takes Damage of 1-136 (Based On Character Level)
Socketed (1)

(Only Spawns in Patch 1.10 or later)

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