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Spider Forest

Spider Forest
Act Act III
Quests The Golden Bird
Monsters Fetish,
Fetish Blowdart,
Fetish Shaman(preset),
Cloud Stalker,
Jungle Hunter,
Thorned Hulk
Adjacent Zones Kurast Docks, Great Marsh, Flayer Jungle
Area Level Normal 21
Area Level Nightmare 49
Area Level Hell 79
Waypoint Yes

The Spider Forest is a fairly large wilderness area where players begin their journey into Act III. It includes the entrances to two (spider infested) dungeons - the Spider Cavern and the Arachnid Lair, from which this forest probably lends its name. The waypoint always appears near one of the two dungeons.

When the player leaves the Kurast Docks for the first time, they will encounter the Dark Wanderer himself. After a short while, the Wanderer disappears in a flash, spawning several Flesh Beasts after vanishing.

In addition, one of the Unique Monsters encountered in the Forest drops the Jade Figurine needed for the The Golden Bird (quest).

The Spider Forest can connect to the Great Marsh and the Flayer Jungle. Depending on the map configuration, it may be connected to both or just one of these areas.