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Spellsteel is an exceptional unique Bearded Axe from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Spellsteel appears to be aimed towards spell caster use due to its boosts to Mana and Mana Recovery. However, it could also be effectively utilized by melee fighters as well; although characters such as Sorceresses may find its spells superfluous, many others would find its charge of Teleport extremely useful as a tactical advantage.



Bearded Axe

Two-Hand Damage: 55 To 129
Required Level: 39
Required Strength: 37
Durability: 35
Axe Class – Normal Attack Speed
+165% Enhanced Damage
10% Faster Cast Rate
Requirements -60%
Regenerate Mana 25%
+100 To Mana
Level 12 Firestorm (60 Charges)
Level 10 Holy Bolt (100 Charges)
Level 3 Decrepify (30 Charges)
Level 1 Teleport (20 Charges)
Magic Damage Reduced By 12-15

(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)

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