Soulflay is a unique Claymore from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Soulflay gives its user life and mana leech, although certainly useful for physical fighters, quite a few unique items have this trait, making Soulflay rather redundant. Soulflay does have potential for having a high mana leech, but otherwise it is not special in this aspect.

Perhaps the only thing worth noting on Soulflay is its slightly increased Attack Speed, as two-handed swords are typically slow. However, it is only a 10% increase, which is barely noticeable anyway.

On the defensive end, Soulflay offers +5 to all resistances. Arbitrary, strange, and quite low, this bonus to resistances is of little use even in Normal difficulty, when resistances aren't lowered.

Overall, in terms of unique swords, Soulflay does deal a good amount of damage when wielded with two hands.




One-Hand Damage: (8-10) To (20-24)
Two-Hand Damage: (22-26) To (51-60)
Required Level: 19
Required Strength: 47
Durability: 50
Sword Class - Normal Attack Speed
+70-100% Enhanced Damage
+10% Increased Attack Speed
4% Life stolen per hit
4-10% Mana stolen per hit
All Resistances +5

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