Soul Harvest is a unique Scythe from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Although arguably the most aesthetically pleasing unique polearm, Soul Harvest is unfortunately limited to early game due to its low damage output. Still, its chance of Open Wounds is nice, its Mana leech is useful for physical fighters, and its boost to resistances gives a player a defensive edge some two-handed weapons don't have.

Stats[edit | edit source]


Soul Harvest

Two-Hand Damage: (12-15) To (30-38)
Required Level: 19
Required Strength: 41
Required Dexterity: 41
Durability: 65
Polearm Class - Fast Attack Speed
+50-90% Enhanced Damage
30% chance of Open Wounds
10% Mana Stolen Per Hit
+45 To Attack Rating
+5 To Energy
All Resistances +20

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