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Diablo II one-hand swing attack speed data[1]
Class Base attack frames Base attacks per second
Sorceress 17 1.47

Sorceress orbs are one-handed weapons in the Diablo II expansion Lord of Destruction. They can be equipped only by the Sorceress. Although orbs can be used to make melee attacks, they are not classified as melee weapons, blunt weapons, or rods. All orbs have a range adder of 0 and no Strength or Dexterity requirements to wield.

Orb damage scales with the wielder's Strength, with each point of Strength equivalent to 1% enhanced damage.[2]

Like staves, nonmagic, magic and rare orbs can have innate bonuses to individual Sorceress Skills, and magic and rare orbs can have Sorceress skill prefixes and faster cast rate suffixes, but fewer attack rating and weapon damage suffixes. Unlike staves, use of an orb allows the sorceress to take advantage of the defense bonuses of a shield. Orbs also have Auto Mods: Jackal, Fox, Wolf, Tiger, Mammoth, Colossus (Magic Orbs only), Lizard's, Snake's, Serpent's, Drake's, Dragon's, Wyrm's, Great Wyrm's (Magic Orbs only). Because orbs are separate from all other weapon categories, magic and rare orbs can have unusual affixes for weapons, such as high elemental resistances, magic damage reduction, and half freeze duration.

Staves, wands and orbs are all labeled "staff class" in-game, but the three weapon types have distinct properties.

Set orb

The only set orb is Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye (Swirling Crystal).

Orb rune words

The maximum number of sockets possible in an orb is 3.

The only Weapon Rune Word that functions in nonmagic orbs with exactly 3 sockets is Venom.


Sorceress Orbs
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