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For class lore, see Sorceress.
For the class as it appears in Diablo II, see Sorceress (Diablo II).
D4 Sorceress

Freeze, scorch, or shock your foes with immeasurable arcane power.

"The Sorceress shapes the elements into whatever form is necessary to ensure victory, from hurling bolts of lightning, impaling her foes upon jagged spikes of ice, and raining flaming meteors down from the sky."

The Sorceress is one of three classes to be confirmed in Diablo IV.[1]


Harnessing potent elemental powers, the Sorceress is brimming with all your favorite flavors of magic. Fragile but destructive, this high-risk, high-reward hero weaves between Fire, Cold, and Lightning. Her mastery of magic is an iconic and indelible part of the Diablo power fantasy, and we’ve only continued to build upon this sturdy foundation.[2]

You’ll be able to control and dominate enemies with a new Chilling mechanic. The more Cold damage you deal, the more foes will be slowed, frozen, and eventually shattered by your attacks.[2]

Sorceress Skills
Minor Destruction
LightningFire BoltFrost BoltArc Lash

Major Destruction
Charged BoltsFireballIce ShardsIncinerateChain LightningFrozen Orb
Flame ShieldIce ArmorBlizzardTeleport
Frost NovaLightning SpearIce BladesHydra
Deep FreezeInfernoConduit

Potent WardingDevastationAlign the ElementsPrecision MagicInexorable ReachElemental AttunementChar to AshSoulfireBlaze of GloryBurning ResonanceDevouring FlamesEndless PyreConflagrationNumbing ColdIcy TouchCold SnapHoarfrostFrostbiteChill to the BoneEndless WinterCeaseless BoltsOverchargeConvulsionsStaggerCrackling AuraShocking StrikesLightning Mastery



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