Solarion, after being summoned by Imperius

Solarion, the Spear of Valor, is the main weapon of choice of the archangel Imperius. According to the legend, the weapon was forged by Imperius in the heart of a dying star. It has been said to be an extension of his own will, powerful enough to sunder Hell's mightiest ramparts with a single strike. During one of Imperius's invasions of Hell, it is written that Solarion felled so many demons that rivers of blood flowed throughout the realms of the Great Evils.[1]

Imperius did not carry the spear at his side at all times. Rather, he summoned it from on high as a lance of blinding light that then manifested as a physical spear in his hand.[1][2][3] For all its power however, the spear was cloven in two by Diablo when the Lord of Terror invaded the High Heavens.[3] At some point after the invasion however, Imperius was apparently able to reforge the spear, and was once again able to summon it to his side at will.[4]


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