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A Sol rune is a low rune which can be socketed into equipment in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Sol runes are fairly common, but useful for low level rune words such as Insight and Lore, and Horadric Cube recipes such as crafting Blood rings.


Equipment type Effects
Weapon +9 To Minimum Damage
Body armor or helm Damage Reduced By 7
Shield Damage Reduced By 7

Socketing an item with a Sol rune increases the item's level requirement to 27, unless it was already higher.


The Countess's extra rune drops on nightmare or hell difficulty can include Sol runes.

The Hellforge on nightmare difficulty has a 1 in 11 chance to drop a Sol rune as part of its quest reward.

The Act 4 Good treasure class has a chance to drop a Sol rune, as do higher Good treasure classes.

The Horadric Cube can transmute three Amn runes and one chipped amethyst into one Sol rune.

Rune Words

Sol runes are used in these rune words:

  • Bone 'SolUmUm' body armor
  • Dragon 'SurLoSol' body armor or off-hand armor
  • Enlightenment 'PulRalSol' body armor
  • Eternity 'AmnBerIstSolSur' melee weapon
  • Fortitude 'ElSolDolLo' weapon or body armor
  • Harmony 'TirIthSolKo' missile weapon
  • Honor 'AmnElIthTirSol' melee weapon
  • Insight 'RalTirTalSol' polearm, staff or missile weapon
  • Lore 'OrtSol' helm
  • Memory 'LumIoSolEth' staff
  • Radiance 'NefSolIth' helm


Sol runes are used in four Horadric Cube recipes.

  • Transmute three Sol runes and a chipped sapphire to create one Shael rune.
  • Transmute a magic ring, a jewel, a Sol rune, and a perfect ruby to create a crafted Blood ring.
  • Transmute a magic spear, a jewel, a Sol rune, and a perfect emerald to create a crafted Safety weapon.
  • Transmute a basic unique weapon, a Ral rune, a Sol rune, and a perfect emerald to upgrade the unique weapon's base weapon type to its exceptional version.