Snotspill is a leader of Dark Ones who can be found in Diablo on level 4. He guards the entrance into the Catacombs. Snotspill is involved in the quest Ogden's Sign, and will provide players with the key to open a lockbox after killing Overlords, whom he refers to as "big uglies".

Snotspill is a notable Fallen One due to his unique ability to speak. In Diablo II and Diablo III other fallen still don't show the capability to speak (if you exclude gibberish exclamations like 'Rakanishu').

Retrieving the sign and returning it to Ogden will complete the quest and the hero will be rewarded with the Harlequin Crest. However, when the hero again approaches Snotspill, he will trigger an ambush of many Dark Ones as well as himself.

The hero can also give the sign to Snotspill instead of taking it back to Ogden, but Snotspill will still attack (but say something before doing so) and the player can no longer get the Harlequin Crest from Ogden.


  • upon talking to Snotspill
Hey - you that one that kill all! You get me magic banner or we attack! You no leave with life! You kill big uglies and give back magic. Go past corner and door, find uglies. You give, you go!
  • upon returning to Snotspill
You kill uglies, get banner. You bring to me, or else!
  • if you give the sign to Snotspill
You give! Yes, good! Go now, we strong! We kill all with big magic!
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