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The Smoking Thurible is a legendary Enchantress Focus in Diablo III. It only drops at character level 61 or later, and only on Torment difficulty.

When equipped on the Enchantress, she does not lose health and cannot be incapacitated no matter how much damage she takes, only 'dying' if the player dies. Although the Enchantress cannot die, this does not prevent her from disappearing after a short period of time when called in by the set bonus for Asheara's Vestments.

This item is a preferred choice in battles like that with Malthael, where the Enchantress is taking unavoidable damage and would spend too much time incapacitated without this focus. In a normal fight, enemies generally do not focus on Eirena, so having eight skills might prove more useful.

Using this item with two Unity rings (one for Eirena and for the player) will effectively double the character's Toughness, as they will split damage evenly, but Eirena will suffer none.

Stats (Level 61)


Smoking Thurible
Legendary Enchantress Focus


  • Equip on Follower: Your follower cannot die
  • +5 Random Magic Properties

The pungent smoke emanating from this censer serves to clear the mind, aiding in concentration and magical castings.