For the similar Wizard skill in Diablo III, see Slow Time.
Slow Missiles
Slow Missiles

Class: Amazon
Required Level: 12
Skill Tree: Passive and Magic Skills
Requires: Inner Sight
Cost: 5 Mana

Slows the speed of incoming missile attacks.

Damage Type: Magic

Slow Missiles is an Amazon Skill in Diablo II.


Through strict martial discipline and focus, an Amazon warrior can attune herself to her environment and the dangers around her, allowing her to react to these hazards with superhuman agility. One aspect of this ability is her knack for avoiding missile fire. Just as the Amazon must master the bow and javelin, she must also learn to defend herself from these same weapons. When an Amazon uses this ability, incoming projectiles appear to move slower than normal, enabling her to avoid them.

General InformationEdit

As its name suggests, this spell slows incoming missile attacks: for as long as the spell lasts, all missiles coming into its range will fly slower until they are out of the area of effect. The area is always around the Amazon, and moves with her. Slow Missile only reduces the speed of projectiles, not the damage. If player fails to dodge a slowed missile, they are still hit as normal.

The usefulness of this skill is debatable. Slow Missiles can, for instance, come in handy in large parts of Act III where Fetish blow-darts are common. It can also come in handy in PvP situations.

Adding points into this ability only lengthens the duration, though it still doesn't last very long. Usually it's best to just spend one point in Slow Missiles as a prerequisite for Valkyrie.

This skill may backfire horribly on the player if used against MSLE monsters, however. Due to the game engine only able to render a finite number of missiles, having too many of them slowed on screen will make some missiles invisible and thus harder to avoid.

Skill ProgressionEdit


Slow Missiles in game

Mana Cost: 5
Radius: 13.3 yards
Slows attacks: 33%

Level 1234567891011
Duration 12s 18s 24s 30s 36s 42s 48s 54s 60s 66s 72s
Level 12131415161718192025
Duration 78s 84s 90s 96s 102s 108s 114s 120s 126s 156s
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