For the unique Bogan Trapper, see Slinger (Monster).

Slingers are very much similar to Sabre Cats, except they use spears, javelins or potions to attack their foes. Some of the potion-throwing slingers throw exploding ones that deal Fire damage while others use ones that deal Poison damage. They also quickly flee when they are attacked. Because Slingers travel in packs along with Sabre cats, they pose a serious threat all together.

The other variants of Slingers are Spear Cats, Night Slingers, Hell Slingers.

On Hell difficulty, Slingers and Spear Cats are immune to Cold, Night Slingers to Lightning, and Hell Slingers to Fire.

These monsters are particularly dangerous when they assist other melee monsters. While players are busy fighting off other monsters these Slingers can rain all sorts of ranged weaponry upon the characters.


While most Saber Cats attack with melee weapons, others have become fond of harassing their enemies with javelins or by throwing potions. They rarely retreat and generally attack in large, well-organized groups, as is evident in their use of ranged weapons. They are quick to the chase and enjoy the hunt, so encountering a pack of these predators is dangerous, at best.

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